About Me


Painting and illustrating is a never ending adventure for me. I enjoy exploring whimsical, idealized worlds where positive themes such as friendship, love, and innocence prevail. Most of my pieces involve animals reacting with nature and each other, although sometimes I will venture into fantasy landscapes and architecture. The goal of my work is to create a sense of escapism for myself and others.


I am a self-taught artist, with some training in perspective from my commercial artist grandfather, Harry Rainey. My love of art likely originated from the fairytale worlds created by the Disney animators, especially the work of Eyvind Earle. The background work of Sleeping Beauty is, to me, some of the most beautiful art ever created.


My process involves imagining humorous scenarios with a story, and creating pieces that compliment that theme or narrative. I often work in a series until a body of work has reached its completion or morphs into a new concept. I also create smaller paintings such as bird and animal profiles, which highlight the wonderful personalities of creatures. I work from a very limited palette to ensure strong color harmony, and enjoy building a magical glow in each of my pieces.


Every painting sparks new inspiration, and for that I am thankful. We live in a chaotic, ruthless world, and I will be forever committed to opposing that by creating a romanticized version of life through my work.


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